Thursday, September 2, 2010

A few more songs~

Nassun - O-IWI-O (feat. G.O[MBLAQ])
        A really cool and smooth song, enjoy

Goofy (구피) - Ugly Guy (못난 남자야) 
       An old school hip-hop group, I love these guys, check them out.

La Li Li

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Son Dam Bi - Can't U See

Jamming to this song. Its off her Queen EP and its much better than her title track "Queen."

Epik High - Umbrella

Epik High one of the best hip-hop groups in K-Pop (imo). Heres one of my favorite songs from them. You should really check them out.

Taeyang - I'll be there

Newest MV from Taeyang off his international album.

Want to follow K-pop?

Well here is a great website to follow k-pop, its very fast and up to date.

New SNSD MV for Genie


This blog is now dedicated to Taeyeon of SNSD and other SNSD memebers, enjoy!!!